TSV-350 Vulcan 350管腔尾灯


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350流明 / 2固体和3个闪光灯模式

USB C可充电

Unique Fin Lens Design Provides Enhanced Long Distance Visibility While Creating A 270 Degree Field of Attention-Grabbing Rear and Side Illumination

TSV-130/350 Vulcan Tail Light用户手册




亚博平台手机版Serfas® warrants to the original purchaser that the product is free of defects in material, construction, and/or workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Battery Warranty – One Year Coverage


  • 350流明(白天闪光灯)
  • 三个超级明亮的Cree®LED
  • Finned镜头设计提供270度的可见性
  • LED充电指示器
  • 自动安全模式*
  • 白天闪光模式
  • 最多20个小时的运行时间
  • USB C可充电
  • Aero Post兼容支架
  • Solid Modes:
    • 高(140流明):1小时30分钟
    • 低(35流明):6小时
  • 闪存模式:
    • 白天闪光(350流明):19小时
    • High Flash (200 Lumens): 9 hrs
    • 低闪光灯(50流明):20小时
    • *自动安全模式扩展了运行时额外的45分钟
  • Weight: 52 Grams w/ Bracket
  • 电池:1050 mAh锂聚合物
  • Product Package Contents:
    • (1)Vulcan 350尾灯
    • (1) USB C Charging Cable
    • (1)S亚博平台手机版erfas Aero Tail灯架
    • (2)橡胶多束(1长,1个短)

TSV-130/350 Vulcan Tail Light用户手册


5个评论TSV-350 Vulcan 350管腔尾灯

  1. 标记-

    我有许多来自农奴斯和许多其他竞争苹果系统亚博软件对手的自行车灯。亚博平台手机版我真的很喜欢Selfas的后亚博平台手机版灯,并认为它们具有最佳的类后置安装系统,在圆形和航空管上效果非常好。灯本身为51克,带有安装支架的光为69克。当它们第一次出来时,我购买了其中两个灯,到目前为止,我和我的伴侣多次使用了它们。我一直在寻找一个超级明亮的日光后灯,该夜间骑自行车骑行的设置也很低。我喜欢白天使用200个管腔闪光灯,因为它比350闪光灯更频繁。350设置似乎并不比200 Flash更明亮。也许是,但我无法视觉地告诉。我有一个竞争对手的灯光,可以宣传350个流明,而竞争对手350选项似乎更明亮,感谢Serfas,但它重得多,他们的坐骑和电池寿命也很差。亚博平台手机版Serf亚博平台手机版as 350宣传15个流明的低固体设置。 Theoretically this light would be ideal for all my needs. This would be ideal for group rides, but I don’t think the Vulcan 350 goes that low. I compared my two Vulcan 350 lights on the solid 15 lumen setting, to the Serfas Scorpius 130’s solid 15 lumen setting, and the Scorpius is much dimmer, perfect for night group rides. I’m taking off 1 Star for a low setting brighter than advertised (in my opinion and compared to their other lights) and I think 350 lumen flash is a little gimmicky (too long a pause between flash output). I’ve used the light for up to 3 hours at a time, and the battery has been fine on each of my rides. I have not done any specific battery testing, Overall, it is very good, and being used on every ride.

    • 亚博平台手机版-

      Hi Mark, Thanks so much for your feedback on the new Vulcan series tail light. We always appreciate hearing from the people that use our 亚博yabo888vip手机版products as all user insight, criticisms, and compliments are evaluated and taken into consideration during future product development. In order of mention – * Flash intervals, especially in high output modes such as the 350 daytime flash, are designed in large consideration to thermal management which is necessary to effectively balance output and battery life while allowing the LED chip a cool down period as it cycles on and off, an otherwise overheated LED chip results in inefficient battery consumption and shortened run times as well as decreased overall lifespan of the LED and other components. ** Unless all factors are the same it can be tricky to directly compare two 350 lumen lights from different manufacturers, battery performance, lens design, LED color temperature, and especially LED chip type and style have the greatest impact on perceived brightness and actual measured output *** The correct numbers for the Vulcan 350 in solid low mode is 35 lumens while the Vulcan 130 in solid low outputs 15 lumens, if you have discovered an error in the product documentation please call or email our warranty department as they can properly relay that information. We thank you again f亚博平台手机版or taking the time to share your experience with us and hope you continue to enjoy all of your Serfas products! – The Serfas Team

  2. 标记-

    快速跟进我上面的评论。我很有可能在另一个网站上阅读有关Vulcan 350的不正确规格,或者它可能在350条下无意中的Vulcan 130描述,或者我只是不正确。我想纠正另一个项目 - 我将Vulcan 350 Flash与竞争对手的300个流明闪光灯进行了比较。竞争对手“似乎”更加明亮(您会为情况提供了一个解释),但在其他每个层面上都远不及,包括可怕的电池寿命。因此,我仍然轻松地向点头宣传。亚博平台手机版我只希望Serfas能在亚博平台手机版15至20个流明范围内拥有真正的团体骑行友好的实心和/或闪烁的选项,如Vulcan 130所示。在其所有更明亮的后灯中,应强烈考虑此组骑行设置。这么说 - 瓦肯人是骑自行车者将其视为后灯的非常有力的候选人,无论您有道路,计时赛,航空路,MTB等。自行车。苹果系统亚博软件

    • 亚博平台手机版-

      Hi Mark, We appreciate the followup! We have noted your suggestion regarding an even more reduced output group-ride friendly low solid/low flash mode, this information has been passed to our Product Development team. We thank you again for your continuous support and feedback! – The 亚博平台手机版Serfas Team

  3. Ken D-

    Just purchased 2 of these. Quality looks excellent. These are super bright, just what we wanted for road 苹果系统亚博软件bike riding on winding hilly tree- shaded country roads. Charged quickly, has an range of settings, multiple flash settings. Charging port below covered with rubber cap seems good. Mount is made for seat post primarily. Our seat post is obstructed by seat bags.The 2 Included silicon type straps are each too small to mount on our frame and cannot mount on seat bag. We simply used both silicone straps, 1 looped through the other, and it fits the frame below seat bag fine as a great temp solution. Overall very pleased, highly recommend. Good quality price relationship.

  4. aaron gerth-

    I love this light. I’ve been using this light in the daytime and nighttime hours. It’s super bright and I feel it makes me more visible while out on road rides in the rural areas that I live. Great battery life, lightweight and super easy to use with the adjustable seatpost clamp.

    • 亚博平台手机版-

      很高兴听到!Thanks for the feedback and support – The Serfas Team

  5. 马克·索洛(Mark Solow),探路者乐趣骑自行车-